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To keep from starting a train chase the same way, I won't.

New Iberia.

Noonish on some day, and it don't matter ... cause it's gone.

The couple were found in a head to head argument about "who was going first".
Both had maneuvered where neither were going "first".

Black cars waiting for their moment to arrive.

Train rolled on.

I took a picture of a freight with five engines, thinking it was "special".
Then I looked to the ground.

Someone had left a card with this poignant message. 
Since that moment I've been living in a sanitarium far from the tracks.

*Birders have been visiting. Today, as they guided my hand, I took my first non railroad picture.
I thought, "nice *ballast". 
They said that I was making progress, though slowly.

* For those not addicted, "ballast" is the gravel on which tracks are laid.
* The "birders" have a room next to mine.
Coo coo Coo coo Coo Coo Coo coo .....