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US 90 Rails + Historic Rail Cars w/ Amtk at New Iberia Louisiana 11/11/2015

The date was 11 / 11 and it was 11:11 when I finally left the driveway.
I lied about the later so don't get tweaked about coincidences.

It is not a coincidence that on every ride there is something new. There is something new every minute tick of the clock. The intersection of time and space creates coincidences.  Some intersections you can attempt to manipulate, others you can't.  This one I couldn't have planned.
The pictures have not been "processed", so don't expect much.


This house has been saved.


Crowley Westbound

 One of my favorite spots.
The Old Spanish Trail west of Midland opposite present US 90.



It's in the bag.

Time will tell.
1 hour fast.
Soon it will be right.


Look who was dragging in.
5003 was the train at the irrigation ditch.


5003 was meeting eastbound 3917

I went to the depot in Jennings.
I shot the foundation.
I shot a lot.
The train was very slow getting there from Roanoke.
So slow, I shot the water tower.

Extension of building to facilitate bay windows.
Two sidewalks went to the concourse.
Separate, but equal.

I didn't look hard.
I found only one sewer looking hole.
I suppose that 2 bathrooms could have been attached.

Looking west.

Looking south.

One walkway.

The other walkway.

A break in the gate and a slanted concrete abutment at the lower level.

 The wait was getting long. The sun was setting and I'd lost an hour of light.
The bike's clock reminds me of that.

It had picked up speed.
I had to shoot fast and run.

Fleeing the sun and Jennings.

She was slowing to 25mph for the Mermentau Bridge.
I stopped to time my crossing in hopes of catching her.
A car was coming behind me and slowed to give me some room.
He must have known I was nutz.

The first shot I saw was disappointing.
But, it seemed my slowing, real slow, worked.

Even the over the shoulder shot worked.

Into Mermentau.

Into Midland.

Headed to Crowley


Railfans assembled.

Another meet and I was not set up and I had time to do it.

You can barely see the other engine.

At Rayne, she never came.
I had people ask if I was "OK".
I told therm that I was but that was purely subjective.
The End.