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11 29 2014

 First an update. The 2 lane expansion at Rosedale is going slowly, very slowly.
The McKneely crew did such a slow job they were hired for the Livonia to Grosse Tete stretch.

On with today's ride.
Coming out of the Atchafalaya Basin on Larabee Pit Road.

Arriving at the yard I noticed something.
There is a Union Pacific office there with a truck.

From the back of Ralph's, a new vantage point, I took a few shots.
These are the shops
Bed patching train.

I was out and about because the noon Amtrak was 52 minutes late. 
I would move toward it going south
I just got across the tracks at Captain Cade Rd at Cade.

Camp Pratt has been really cleaned up.

I went into New Iberia. This train (1852) was headed out.
At the radio tower I saw it again.
"Union Pacific"
The new "No Trespassing" sign with UP on it was new.

I headed north and the train had headed out and met the one waiting at ARA.
These are various pictures of it getting there and joining  up. 
I cannot waste time assembling it.

I went north and waited.

After that I reflected.

So where are these old ties buried in the blacktop?
Yes, I was back at St. John.
There they go to the bridge.
 A few seasonal pictures.

And back home through Parks behind a sugarcane cart. 
Enjoy them before they are gone.
South La. will never be the same when these icons disappear.
So, what do you think about the UP here in BNSF country?