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10 / 27 / 2014

First: These pictures were uploaded in their large, not real large,  condition.
You can click on what you see and a larger version will appear which you can download appreciatively.
This is going to be brief without any personal observations or improvised prose.
This will be bland without any frills and completely fact filled.
Heading toward the tracks through the cane fields.

 Several mediocre Lafayette Yard pictures.

 Leaving Lafayette at the Schilling Shack crossing,
a work truck was on the rails.
This is not a good sign for a train chaser.
I was saddened, weeping and discouraged.

The Sunset Limited was due.
I took up my position at  probably the best location between Lafayette and New Iberia.
"Unnamed Location"

The bag on the tracks was troubling.
I did not remove it as becoming involved usually results in becoming involved.
Anyway, it was none of  my business. 

It it had been  Bullwinkle tied to the tracks, then that would have been another matter.

And further, it would be informative to see if the train crew worried about it.
It was clearly visible.

 The train had stopped. 
Conductor Benoit motioned me aboard.

I'll insert this information first before showing you around.

I immediately asked to see the dome car.
The Broussard overpass can be seen behind the train.

 Next it was on to the little dining area.

 I was offered a nap. I took one.

 I'm considering the lounge a great place to watch the Saints this Thursday night

The Back Door Parlor.

 Next are a few postcards Conductor Benoit gave me.
This is the train rounding the corner into New Iberia.

 Riding alongside Bayou Teche.

Breaux Bridge, last winter.

Next to the Morganza Levee

 Crossing the Atchafalaya at Melville.

 A Railroader's version of Stairway to Heaven.

Thanking Conductor Benoit, I exited the train and 
headed to New Iberia.
What would seem mundane and repetitive was not.

 In a little while 1708  had moved south into town and stopped.
I mean STOPPED for a long time.
I sat and sat, also.
This train chasing gig is not all 100 mph sprints. 
Much of it is a test of patience.
Hunters and fishermen have no idea of the degree that is required to wait for a train.
Back when passenger trains were common, I would suggest that "idea" was well known.

I decided to take a closer peek and see what the deal was.
Her mainline running lights were on and she sat.

 At the other end of the train Mz Utah sat.

Getting closer did not prod her to move.
I wish my dating career had  been similar.
She is prettier than most of my dates
(Until you, honey)
* Self preservation insert in case She reads this.

Sitting was not getting it so I visited the mortuary where Ms New Iberia laid in state.

 She has not moved in a month.
I suggest she was getting ripe as there was an odor.

I returned to the mainline.
What looks like a new switch caught my attention.
Having a short attention span I moved on.

 The train continued to sit. I had an idea what was coming.

 The van was evidently secure the train was sitting.
I don't know. He is looking right.
What if he saw the little one sitting and thought .....

.... "Oh, it's just sitting.
And a  big one was coming.

This one was worth the wait.
Yep, that uh way toward Jeanerette. 

 No turning while train is passing.

 What is wrong with this picture?

 The landscape darkened.

Racing like a mad crazy maniac, I got to Bulgaria Crossing.
The train never appeared
A  local stopped to see if I was OK.
I replied that I was waiting for a train.
He replied that he didn't think I was OK.
That was not the first time that observation has been made by a once casual observer.


 I retired to Jeanerette to look for the train.
I tried to find the location of the depot and I think I did.
The first hump is the old Missouri Pacific bed.
Southern Pacific's would be up ahead.

 I'm getting pressed for time.

 How much can you say about a train coming?

That was why I had been coughing and sneezing all day.
After leaving the depot I went to see where the little train was.
It had stopped at Patout Junction to pick up cars.
I went back to New Iberia and caught it coming in led by Mz Utah.

 1708 brought up the  rear.

 Mz Utah was home and I was headed there, That's it.