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A Catch Up Update

I accumulate bits and pieces of relevant information by way of pictures which have been forgotten within the bowels of my 2 cameras.  Being off duty, recently released from Camp Wilmer,  I have a little time on this rainy morning to post them. Some I'd totally forgotten about, some were taken yesterday which sets them on the precipice of forgettable

First, these were taken at New Iberia near the old station. There was a large freight depot next to the station. I had no idea anything remained of it until I slowly passed this pile of rubble that I believe BNSF has accumulated and left.  If this is the way they do business, then their "good neighbor" status has to be questioned.

But, sometimes a negative can be converted into a positive. I contacted BNSF and after shaming them up and down they relented and have agreed to let me clean up the mess. I, of course, do not have "clean up" as my purpose in this endeavor. I, like an archeologist dismantling an Indian mound, hope to find railroading treasures which would be lost to the ages if I do not intervene.  After gaining permission I contacted Agent 00-L, LZ and Mark who all agreed to meet me at the location on August 12th, at 11:00 AM. If you would like to join us please feel free, but be advised that all treasure will be sold to the appropriate institution for which I'll be paid and you won't since it's my idea and not yours.
This is the freight depot, picture taken by Mike Palmieri a long time ago.

 This was its location just south of the depot.
It's behind the boxcar.

This is its foundation.

This is the challenge.
I already have the dumpster in place.

Need some pipe.  Five bucks a foot.

I know you can't wait to start sorting.

The next collection of shots.
Oops, only one.
This is Mz Utah. 
She was again seen at Elks, the location of her breakdown a month ago.
The fact that she was able to return there, after the terrible trauma of losing a traction motor,
attests to her strength and fortitude. 
Carry on Mz Utah.
Go Girl!! You bad!!

Let's see, what's next?
It may not be common knowledge, but  it is now requiring 3 tugs to pull L&D's train from the Lafayette Yard.  I have no idea what the mission is but it is heavy.

Heading west on US 90, west of Four Corners and near Bertrand Dr., turn north on Sunbeam Lane.
I did that for about a year of my storied work history.
My destination was Sunbeam Bakery, a hell hole of a place to work.
I applied insect repellent every night before entering the  place.
For some reason I've always been attracted to hell holes
Maybe it's the challenge they mutually possessed. 

Now Sunbeam Lane leads me to the "Flagpole" location at the BNSF yard.
I thought these 3 were headed out the door but no, they were either building a train 
or switching. Is that redundant?
This dance can go on for hours and my card was already punched.

Sunbeam went out of business and the building was sold.
Maybe it was that baker's finger in the burger bun?
The renovation almost makes me forget what a prison facade it had.
I can still smell the sickening stench of baking bread. 

As I mentioned I had recently been furloughed from active duty.
I returned home by the scenic route. 
I stopped north of Livonia at the River Station crossing.
These are about all the angles you can take of this peaceful place.
It is so peaceful that a church placed its cemetery here.
Wait, there are trains every 30 minutes blowing their horns at this crossing.
Could it be a "railfan  cemetery"?
Look, I just came up with the idea and it's patented so you can't have  it.

Looking northeast.
Looking northwest.
Looking north.
Looking southwest.
Looking south.
Did you catch that?

I forgot "southeast".
What's new?

Continuing the trip, I got to Krotz Springs and could not bear the ride to Port Barre and the 
grueling trip down the Teche Valley so I went south on the levee. 

After crossing the railroad you pass this very large refinery.

 Then you are lulled into believing the road is paved.

 It's not. It is narrow. You cannot trust the ground to pull over if met.

We bought all this  limestone.  The "Park Service" is here.

This is their office.
The rest of the ride was a little stressful so I didn't take any more pictures.
So, I'm caught up.
See you on the 12th.

I know you  saw that the freight depot was elevated. 
That brings to question the "foundation" statement.
I knew that when I said it.
So, are you still coming?