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***** The Last Stretch of the J&E RR Search

This is the last chapter of the write on the Jasper and Eastern Railroad. 
It had been destroyed when I blew up a blog due to disliking my readers and picture downloaders.
Heck, you may be one of them.

To post it here I chose to take pictures off the original pages, my easiest choice.
I make no excuses for the writing. It's pretty bad. I've inserted a few lines to help you through it.
So has our new Corrections Officer.

This shot was taken along La.104 on the way to Oakdale from Opelousas.

I've chosen to delete most of the in route shots.

Evidently I took off on some tangent. I probably hadn't
made up my mind to go to Texas.

Later, I think OO-L may have added that the building was
probably a section house and not the depot.

The J&E was definitely here.

Here the write gets a little weird. I read this stuff later
and I'm amazed at how really off the wall silly it sounds.

For some reason, at this point, I got a little belligerent,
as is my way, and turned to one of the nastier characters
I've met in my music world. Even in his laid back songs
there is an attitude of "if you don't like it, ...... ", which I,
of course, appreciate. These last few verses don't really
demonstrate what I'm talking about, but they were in the
write and I'm letting her ride.

Alright, I see a few connections. "Damned old train"
and "hanging around as long as you will let me", possibly,
who knows? My mood gets worse as these reports progress
past the point of my personal amusement.

I don't know how it happened but we flew past DeRidder
and we were approaching Longville.

OO-L had sent me a complete explanation of this operation.

I read it.

I had basically put all the parts of his explanation together previously.

But, I have not only forgotten his explanation, but what I previously
understood that jived with his.
Basically, these are old rail ties.
There is possibly a paper plant near that uses them.
If you really want to know, I have the answer as I never throw away anything 00-L sends me.

Reading this, OO-L, the site's new Augmenter-in Chief and Corrections Officer resupplied the explanation:

The mountains of ties along the Timber Rock west of De Ridder belong to a company that recycles them for BNSF. Replaced ties are constantly shipped in. They are stockpiled, then fed through a large tumbler that bangs them into each other until they're battered into splinters. The result is hauled in large tandem-trailer dump trucks to the nearby Boise newsprint mill, where they are used as boiler fuel.

The line to the right goes to the plant and DeRidder's Industrial Park. (I made the last part up)

From what is written below, I can see why OO-L tried to help.

Actually, there are no further pictures.

OO-L, as I said, is the site's new Corrections Officer. He just called me to his office.
This is what he said about the above:

"While it is true that there were no further pictures, Merryville (not Maryville) was farther west (not further west). "Further" means additional, while "farther" is a comparison of literal distance in space or time. "Further" can also be a verb meaning to advance something along a figurative progression--as in furthering your education...."

Which no doubt he is painfully trying to do.
Ladies and Gentlemen, our language is being assaulted from many different directions, including this one. It seems that there is open warfare upon it. Seriously, let us all band together to save our language as we try to save our country.

Rails. We should have looked for dates and weights.

The lines coming off the furthest away are the main line east.
These rail went to the yard.

I just got another call and red circle around "further" from
the site's new Corrections Officer (CO).
Let's see what he says this time.

See, you did it again! Don't make me make you write it 100 times.

Oops. seems his patience is wearing.

I suspect this ending part was done pretty late at night.

Look at these while I run.

Back to the Ladies.

Oh, this is what I (we) found in the junk yard.

That it, the end of the old Jasper and Eastern Ride Report.
It was the first long line report I took on. I didn't do much
research but it's a fair "looking around" write. I'll tack this
one on to the end of the whole thing in a few days.

NOW, You must READ THIS. It is a great train chase on the
railroad that now controls the Kirbyville to DeRidder line.

As Elmer Fudd says, or was it Bugs Bunny, "That's all folks"!!