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Today I heard a guy on the radio that sounded like he was in a worser mood than you sometime. His train was having an emergency.  He said it had had an emergency 3 times and besides that
he had passed air,
and had no more to pass.

This young guy dispatcher told him he had to go to the yard and then to the office and then get this part and take it with him to Crowley and put it on because that rigging he had tried had broke 3 times and that was that, he could not go to Houston and make a problem, him.  Now, he was by the airport in Lafayette. I  had drank my coffee and I finally left the house, oh, about noon, the chickens all fed. I went west because the parish done mess  up my route down by the airport. Why? I don't know. I can't go straight no more across the roads. I'm getting mad right now thinking on that.

Oh, back to that guy. I guess I missed it, but the next time someone was talking to him, it was Miss Karen.  Man, don't ever mess with her. Poo Yie!!! She said, "You will go to Crowley. You will install that strap. You will wait until Amtrak passes". I didn't hear a peep out of  him. So the first thing I wanted to do was to go see who gave Miss Karen her mad.  He must be en fou. The next train he drives will be electric on a plywood board.
So, Mr. Stevf, this is my adventure for my day.

It didn't start so good at first.
That tractor was coming right at me.
Thank goodness he caught that turn sign and it whipped him back the other way.
That made more dust. 

I had gave up on finding that dude, Mr. Stevf. I'm sad to say that. 
But, when I was going back through Rayne I saw him in the bushes.
I did a U-E and a wheelie, like  you toll me to do.
I now know I can catch a train from Rayne.
I make a little song like you Mr. Stevf. LOL. Ha Ha.
I went pass where it said to stop, but I didn't,  and here he came, him.
Oh, he was a sour puss. He was going slow, I guess he had no brakes but that don't forgive bad manners.
He saw me, I wave like crazy jumping up and down, gave him thumbs up, smiled real big and even 
did a little dance.  Mais, what's  with some people, Mr. Stevf?!!!
Oh, I know, he still had his  mad on from Miss Karen making him do right when he wanted to be lazy.
I can kinda see his point, sad to say.

I went over the bridge driving with my feet like I use to do on my bicycle.
It was easy, yea. I didn't have to pedal with my hands, so I took some pictures of the train.

You know that's looking tard Crowley where my great Ain't Jenel Louease Fontenot lives.
Her brother was mayor for 45 years. He's gone
fishing now.
Oops, back to the Sour Puss.
He stopped blocking the road.
Obvious he don't give a  .... either him.
He got down and he was talking to this guy that came met him.
I know what was going on. That guy was bringing him that part he had to put on.
They talked too long. 
Something was fishy. 
He was probably ranting.
Some people do that.
I notice that  you do that sometime, Mr. Stevf.
No offense. Just saying.
I been told it helps you mental.
It does, yes? no?
He could have stopped that train on the other side.
 I think that dude probably has a little control issue. No? yes?
I like that new word, "issue".
When you say it people think you hip and with it, like me.
It should be a pronoun since it don't say much, yes? no?
I  have issues. I guess that does say something, no, yes?

I figured I'd seen enough of that soap opera.
I heard him yelling on a phone for a limousine.
I knew he knew I was tracking him because they pointed at me.
Well, I pointed back with my long finger.
That was OK?
Then the guy in the car chased me.
I took the rice field and ended up where you were the other day.
Small world.
Some people get issues for nothing.
That long finger gets pointed at me all the time.
Mais, I just yell back, that's you I Q? yes? no?
Look, they turned the water on where you were.

They getting the rice fields all ready. 
Man, it was cold. I needed some gumbo.

I decided to make like a tree and leaf.  That's a little joke I been saving. I got it right?

I was half way to my gumbo, LOL.
That was enough rice for my first bowl.

And there was more here if I needed.

Back on Pecan Road, one waited.
Mr. Stevf. I was hungry and I was cold.
I couldn't chase him back to Crowley.
Good thing, he never moved.
He finally turned off his lights.
I think he was messing with me.
I almost toll him something.
I had issues, me.

I rode on into the yard. I took a bunch of pictures but they all stunk. 
You right Mr.Stevf. You cannot take a good picture there.
The sun is always wrong. Never is it right. I guess I say the same thing twice, no? yes?

Then something magical was about to happen. 
I went to the east end and was taking a few shot before I headed where I know there was some gumbo.
Hey, Mr. Stevf, I made another song, no? yes?
Look, this guy came out of the engine.

Another one came out of the other engine.

He started waving at me crazy. I said, oh ..... to myself loud.
You never told me not to do that inside a helmet.
Now my ear hurt.
Plus, it didn't smell that good.
Kinda like old boudin.
I expected some sour puss  bossy mr.railroad types.
No no. They were nice, axed me where I was from and what my name was.
I gave them  your name and your address. That was OK? no? yes?
They axed me who I was voting.for.
Since I already voted I told them who you were voting for.
They said they were voting for the same guy, not Mr. Hollywood.

I took some more pictures of them since we are good friends now.
Look, they wave.

That's them too, Mr. Stevf.

Enough of that. I knew that they was waiting on something.
I looked at that card  you gave me and  Poo Yie!!!!
Miss Sunshine was coming from the west.
I went fast, yea, a wheelie, to Debonaire the metal place.
A cop full of convicts pulled in front of my shot.
I toll him to back up and he did. 
Now, I could be in that van, but he was a nice cop or I did it with authority like you toll me.
You say Mr. Stevf, "Act like you suppose to be there, like you ohfishal.
He saluted me, yea. You right.
This place is good like you say. It looks just like the country. I was getting homesick.
I raced him across town. I won because he  had to stop for 15 minutes, but here he came.
And there he went.

I went on home. I wanted to see Joe and Bob come by but they didn't. 
I gave up at 5:45, way pass when I eat.
On the way to the house I herd them coming.
They was going to Baldwin where my Uncle Gerald lives.
I was thinking on it, but it was too cold and I don't think  I  had the gas to go.
But, seeing Joe and Bob wave at  me would  have made me proud.
But, they said they would wave and blow the horn if we met again.
They said they had seen me around and knew I wasn NOT Al Ki Duh.
I am May Duh, not related.
I told them that was you and gave your address one more time.
That was OK? yes? no?

His Thursday Ride

May Duh is my wife's cousin. He's been following along and says he's ready to do his first report. I'm about done with the whole thing and may turn it over to him all together. These are his words. I only spell checked them which took a while. He calls me Mr. Steve since I gave him a little attitude adjustment one early evening. Actually, it's closer to "Mr. Stevf". To keep this honest, that will be the spelling. Ok, here's my cousin in law's first ride report. Mr. Stevf, I went by Opelousas where you told me and no trains weren't there. I went by Port Barre and they were there, but they only went up and down.  
 Then, Mr. Stevf, I went by Krotz Springs and the bridge was broke. The thing had one part sideways.  
 I could not believe my eyes, so I took a lot of pictures to make sure. 
I think a boat hit it and knocked it frache.
I couldn't get a good picture and I thought about climbing down by the river, but I got scared.  
So I took some more bad pictures.
 Then I went back across the river to KS and looked. On that radio you gave me, that man in orange said the bridge was locked and loaded for rail traffic. I could hear the other guy and knew he was close close cause it was loud.
 I took a picture of the KS water tower because you told me to do that when I got bored. So, where I was at, that was where the depot was?
 My bored didn't last long. Here came a big one.
 That man was still down theres.
 He was picking up speed. Yea, that man.  
 I know you ain't got one of those Mr. Stevf, sorry they all copyrighted, Marie's sister did that for me. She knows Minus Simon and Puggy Mote'. 
Mr. Stevf, you know when you went by Addis, you saw all those orange juice box cars? There they are. I bet I know where they going.
 Mr. Stevf, I know you told me not to go in Pointe Coupee, but I did. That train guy called me a chicken and challenge me to race.
 I beat him, yea. I guess it ain't fair, he had to make that turn and I just shot straight.
 I wanted to count the cars. I think it's like deer hunting, cars are like points on the horns. If you beat one, then you have to count the cars. Thank goodness you don't have to weigh it.  

Orange juice, I was getting thirsty.
 203, OK?
 I use to play these puzzles in the newspaper. 2 pictures look the same except for one thing. OK, what is it?  
It you said the train is gone, you don't have bad brain. Pass that to 34 people, you can help them. Give this one to that radio guy, Mark. I never saw an antenna on a overpass? I took the copyright off it.  
 Is this important? I had to go to the bathroom. That ain't much of one.
here was nothing happening.
 I was right here.
 I kept hearing "sawmill this, sawmill that". I think this is the sawmill.
 That's the big yard sign.
Next, I went up the tracks.
 It was a quiet place except for the wind.
The tractors were pretty quiet, too.
 I went back to Port Barre and what you know, you? 
There those 2 were pulling out to go back to Opelousas.
 I got timing like you, Mr. Stevf.
I raced them back to Oplelousas and did what you told me.
 "Find a place, but not on the tracks".
 Mr. Stevf, the mechanic said your bike will be ok after it's replaced. I kinda parked too close by the tracks. All right, I'll admit it, he's my cousin. You probably realized that, anyway.