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Train Chase: US 190 ..... An Almost Perfect Afternoon

First of all, if you wandered here, it was by accident, as I do
not offer the blog to anyone anymore. It is my personal
journal therefore I know where I was and won't go into that
detail anymore. If you'd still like to read along, go right ahead.

190/741 Went east and waited at Courtableau.

Courtableau Control

Looking up from water to levee road. I liked the dead tree
and cement liner.

A train came but it was not the one at 741. It was a grain train.
It had passed the CSX.

I returned to 741/190. A high rail from Livonia delivered the crew.
to the dead engine.

He backed up to the crossing and put on his street shoes.

I rode east again all the way to Krotz Springs since I had
a Courtableau bridge crossing already.

I found Railroad St. on the south side of the tracks. It looked
like a small yard had been here. Possibly there was a lumber mill.

Map of Krtotz Springs. "Front Street"s are usually the
ones along railroad tracks. A mystery here. The configuration
seems to indicate rails. Oh, well, another one in the archives.
Oh, "Almost Perfect". I knocked the lens out of my glasses
and spent 45 minutes on the Courtableau levee looking for them.

Train Chase: The Lafayette Yard Alley

I needed a new place to shoot the Sunset Limited.

She proceeded into the yard. Yes, I like the lighting. The
train melts into the hugeness of the yard.

Hearing that a train was leaving to the west I flew over to the west switch.
On the way were these new Abrams.

The train was waiting. The engineer had said he had a few
switches to attend to. My timing was perfect. It was the
first time I'd seen a train leave from that track.

Here came the Abrams going to where I hope they blow the
crap out of those that seek to tread on US.

Back at the alley the old engines were changing tracks to
either pull a train out or to do some switching.

Fighting the switch.


I heard L&D 2009, aka Mz Utah, get a warrant between
MP 139 and the East 902 switch. She never showed up
which proves that increments are chosen to cover large
operating areas. She had taken off down the BR, the branch
to Breaux Bridge. Hearing the engineer say he was done
for the day sent me on home at five o'clock.