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Train Chase: USAF 1673 ++

About 1:30 I got to Cade, La. (for the thousands of out of
towners that read this blog) A fella had just mainlined the
switch, hopped on board and was headed east on the Cade siding.

I cruised along with the train for a bit and saw this switcher.
I'm familiar with them as I've seen them in Oakdale and at
the Union Tank facility in Ville Platte.

USAF 1673.
If you aren't from Mars you know what USAF stands for.
The USAF part was intriguing. It and sky blue are a thing.

So was the snake. I needed a new belt so I brought it home.
Al tans them at work.

I heard the dispatcher tell the engineer to stay put until
Mz Sunshine Amtrak made her way past him. He'd have
a wait. We will revisit him.

In New Iberia I stopped and guzzled a full container of water.
If you get thirsty, you are already dehydrated, right George E.

Where the L&D ladies are usually taking their afternoon
nap were these tank cars. I found that odd as I never see
yard cars here.

I hadn't been to the Burleigh Rd crossing in a long time.
Just east of it is where the Patoutville branch heads south.
I figured I'd catch Mz Sunshine Amtrak in a full tilt boogie
coming on down the line. (I just made reference to Janice
Joplin and the Rolling Stones in the same sentence. It's
a gift of which I will forever be thankful.)

The air temperature had to be approaching 100. When you
are still and you sweat it seems to tell me your environment
has exceeded your personal temperature or there would be
no need to turn on the fire hoses. A fella came by and he was
out for a sweat, not a walk, run, none of that, a sweat.
I told him I was, too and asked him what club he belonged to.
He said he had been working in Oregon for a drilling concern
and that he was cold all the time, damp and cold. I asked him
if he was glad to be home in "this". He, as I, fell that we have
the best environment in the world. Riding in short sleeves in
December cannot be beat.

The obligatory location shots follow:

I will be having a new book out this fall called "Old Crossing Timbers".
I've recently found a wealth of them and they need memorializing.

Maybe someone in 2121 will take a picture of this?
Sorry, no cigar Person No.ootu[[[[[ccccc lllll, you missed it.
It's tough enough being a 2000 man.

One day I plan to jump this thing.

The sweat guy said it was OK to go down by the trestle.
I didn't know if it would be such a good place to photograph Mz Amtrak
or not.

I also found this in the bushes:
If a "rating", this train shot could be interesting.

The dot to the left is she. The lady does not make a subtle entrance.

Seems she had to have their shades on. The sun was a torch.

I got this because she was going 25 mph for some reason.
She stayed at that speed for a while, stopped and then hit the
gas before I could set up on the Marais road.

That's her way down there.


Like I said, I missed her at the Marais crossing.
I caught her at the New Iberia Depot but I've shot out that place and wanted no more.
I'd follow her north past the L&D yard.

We now toot at each other.

Off she went. I let her go because La.182 is torn up and
there is only one lane open. I'd have to sit for 15 minutes
in the blazing sun waiting to go, which I did because I still
had an ace in the hole, the waiting BNSF and the little yard engine.

She ran past the L& D gals.

Zooming: Yes, they curtsy when she goes by.

Stretching out to Lafayette.

Al likes these MISFIREs. Yes, I try to include something for everyone.

I decided to catch up just because.

Back at Cade, BNSF 4337 was getting under way after the arrival
of Mz Sunshine Amtrak.

There the switcher came.

You can do your own research on USAF 1673. I did and
the link is down past all the rest of the stuff.

At Lafayette there was a 10 mph restriction flag. I wanted
to check why. It was because there was a convention of
40 orange clad guys standing around doing nothing. Seriously,
how may rail workers does it take too ............... many.

At Pinhook there is this siding. I have never noticed the intact switch there.

That's the reptile shinning place in the rear.

Looking back to Pinhook you can see the "stop sign".

Heading home by way of the old renewed Larrabie Pit Road,
Engineer Law....... sat with his trusty 1709 L&D RR tug.

Switcher USAF 1673 found here.

More on the blue switcher:
Why was Little Blue taking a ride?
She was originally from Barksdale AFB in Bossier City/Shreveport.
My father met my mother there during the WW2.
She had been bought by the Galveston RR Museum. The engine, not my mother.
Why was she headed east? The engine, not my mother.
More later, this is getting wearing.

Train Chase: Cade

It was 3:30 and Amtrak was late again. I heard her get a track warrant form Bayou Sale to Cade. I jumped on the DR with only my camera and took off. I got to Cade and she was sitting on the side track and what looked like another Amtrak was passing her going south. I may have been hallucinating as I was operating on 3 hours of sleep. But look to her right. Nope, I was wrong.

Above is looking south. I jumped the tracks and got the
next one looking west. That's torn up Old 90 in the foreground.

She started to move and I jumped the tracks again.
Note the road building equipment on La.182. This is the
location of the old Cade Depot, the terminus for the Cade
to Port Barre SP branch. BNSF now has a neat storage
house there that looks like a depot.

I set up and shot the usual.

Flipped around and she took off to Lafayette.

I rode on into New Iberia where Mz Utah sat empty.

I'd head on in and see if anything was happening around the station.

At the depot I saw 2 gray engines headed south. I knew the score.

I needed a scenic, historic backdrop fast. I went to the old Konrico
Rice Mill. Note the light flashing. BTW, note the pavement.
It is where the MP met the SP at one time. They then split just
east of town the MP would pull away and shadow the SP to its south.
In New Iberia, the MP ran in the middle of Pershing street.
A simple map is below.

But here came our train.

Yes, there were 2 KCS engines on the BNSF rails. I think something
is amiss with the KCS rails around Kinder. Any KCS experts out there?

Then I nailed the DR and ran her down.

Satisfied with the whole day, I headed home by way of the
L&D office/ New Iberia Depot. Three of the gals including
a beauty contest winner, Mz Allegheny, were hanging out.

That was short and sweet just what I needed to finish a good day.